Language Consulting Service

The Language Consulting Service of the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics offers guidance and information about language, language usage and spelling via email. Our service provides help in the following cases:

● determining the meaning, usage, and stylistic value of words and phrases,

● interpreting shorter texts,

● resolving more complex spelling problems,

● assessing the suitability of irregular spellings,

● interpreting and clarifying points of the spelling rules,

● addressing a broad spectrum of problems regarding language and spelling.

For simpler spelling inquiries, we suggest utilizing our research centre’s Spelling Advisory Portal developed by our staff:

Upon request from official bodies or private individuals, the Language Consulting Service also offers linguistic proofreading for texts intended for memorial plaques to be installed in public spaces.

The Language Consulting Service accommodates a limited number of inquiries as part of our free public service. Additionally, we offer a fee-based expert service for thorough checks of longer lists of words and issues.

Kindly be informed that the linguistic material of inquiries received by the Language Consulting Service will be anonymized and utilized to construct a database for scientific purposes.

Language Consulting Service

Available via email every business day.

Linguistic proofreading of public plaques: rzyrxgnoyn@alghq.uha-era.uh


If you intend to publish our response in a public forum or media outlet, please kindly notify us in advance.